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8 Foot American Style Garden Windmill


The Eight Foot Galvanized Metal MADE IN THE USA Garden Ornamental Windmills have been discontinued- there are NONE available - There are NO parts available for the 8 Foot windmill  - or for the 4.5 foot windmill or for any of the college windmills - the only 8 foot steel windmills available out there that I am aware of are the cheap Chinese copies and they are simply just a waste of money.  If you are wanting an excellent garden windmill take a look at the aluminum windmills here on my site.

The best way to contact me is email - if you must phone be aware that I get 40 or more spam, robocalls, telemarkers or just plain junk phone calls every day - seven days a week....  I never answer my phone unless I know who is calling.  Leave a voice mail message and I will get back.  Calling on the phone several times and not leaving a voice mail message is NOT a solution - that is exactly what the robocalls do.  Also I am often no where near my phone - voice mail messages go directly to my cell phone as well as two or three of my computers.

This site does not work well with mobile phones or tablets - it is best to use a computer to place an order.  I am working on a new site that will work much better with smart phones and tablets

 Made in the USA Aluminum Windmills - 4 foot - 6 Foot - 8 Foot - 10 Foot - 12 Foot - 18 Foot - 22 Foot and 30 Foot.

Made in the USA Aluminum - Pond Aerators - 20 Foot and 30  Foot

Made in the USA Aluminum - Bike Carts - Hand Carts - Mail Boxes and mail Box supports 

Made in the USA Birdhouses, Bird Feeders, Yard - Garden Lighthouses, Outdoor Furniture - this site does work sort of  - Click Here These are on a companion site

Weather Vanes - Roof - Garden Stake - Deck Mount & Post Mount - Made in the USA - Antique Copper Powder Coat - over 100 designs.

 I have a blog site that has a lot more information - Click Here to visit the blog site


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USPS has increased their shipping rates on  1 Jan 2013- This will make shipping go up on some items and will especially effect orders to HI, AK, US possessions and all International Orders including Canada.  Not only has USPS increased their shipping charges - UPS and FedEx have also raised their rates. 

 Made in the USA Weather Vanes

 We carry a complete line of Made in the USA Weather vanes, they are 14 gauge steel that is zinc chromate plated, a copper vein powder coat is baked on and a clear powder coat is baked on to protect against UV rays and provides a scratch free finish.  There are four mount choices - roof mount, post mount, deck mount and a 60 inch garden stake.  There are two other mounts also available for mounting on a Gazebo 3 sided roof and Gazebo or Cupola 4 sided mount.  All of these weathervanes are in an beautiful Antique Copper finish that is clear coated. They have a one year warranty on the finish.  The weather vane tops are laser cut in one piece. 

There are over 100 weathervane designs including a number of college weather vanes.  These are divided into several groups just click on the group to see the individual designs.  Birds & Butterfly     Seasonal     Cats & Dogs     Horses     Wildlife & More      Recreation     Planes, Trains & Automobiles     Race cars     Military & More      Whimsical      Collegiate (officially licensed) 

All of the weathervanes are 21 inches long measured from the tip of the arrow to the back of the arrow and range in height from 6 inches to 11 inches

Made in the USA Aluminum Windmills

Aluminum Windmill

Made in the USA Aluminum Windmills - Carts - Mail boxes Click here to go to Aluminum Products Information



Made in the USA Steel Decorative Windmills

Garden Windmills 

We carry several Garden Windmills the Made in the USA 8 foot galvanized steel garden windmills are no longer being manufactured.

Note: 28 NOV 2012 - the 8 foot garden windmills are out of stock there are NONE available and there are NO replacment parts available - the manufacturer is NOT making any more of these and does not expect to make them again in the foreseeable future.

Note: 1 Apr 2012 - the college windmills are out of stock - the manufacturer is NOT making any more of these and does not expect to make them again in the foreseeable future.

The College Windmills are not available  - red and white University of Nebraska Huskers windmill, the cardinal and gold Iowa State University Cyclones windmill and the black and gold University of Iowa Hawkeyes windmill shown below. You will see photos of the college windmills - however the manufacturer is NOT making them at this time.

Repairing or Restoring an 8 foot steel windmill

There are no more parts available for the Air Electric 8 and 4.5 garden windmills.  Air Electric stopped making garden windmills in Oct 2012 and parts became no longer available in the Spring of 2013.   While it might be possible to get parts for the imported garden windmills - I do not nor will I stock parts for these.  The quality is very poor.  I do of course have parts available for all of the Aluminum windmills in every size.  The aluminum windmill parts will not work with the Galvanized Steel windmills.

Mini Windmills

The USA made 4.5 foot model is no longer available.  I do have 4 foot and 6 foot aluminum windmills.  There are now fifteen  different 17" mini windmills.


Eight Foot Steel Garden Windmills

These windmills were made in the USA from 1971 until Oct 2012. They are  no longer being manufactured  Replacement parts are no longer available.   The wheel is hand-balanced and rotates on two quality ball bearings. There is a grease zerk on the wheel. These windmills are built to last many, many years. Every part of this windmill is quality made by an American manufacturer that has been in business for decades. Do not be fooled by the cheap Chinese imports.  Now that the only American manufacturer has stopped making the galvanized steel 8 foot garden windmills the only similar items available are the cheap Chinese copies of this windmill.   The Chinese garden windmills do not hold up well.  There no longer is a quality Made in the USA 8 foot galvanized steel windmill available.  Take a look at the Premium Aluminum Windmills on this site - these are well made and unlike the steel garden windmills never need painting and do not rust.

These windmills are scaled down versions of the windmills that used to be seen all over the Midwest on farms and ranches.

The wheel is so well balanced that even a gentle breeze will make it turn. Like all windmills the wheel will turn to the direction the wind is coming from. As the wind changes direction it will change direction so it is always facing directly into the wind. You will be able to tell the wind direction and velocity by looking at the windmill.

The 17" windmills normally ship the same day that an order is processed. The aluminum windmills and weathervanes are shipping in 2-3 days after an order is processed

Order Information

 The best way to order is onlineOrdering is very simple - each item has an Add to Cart button - when you click on this you will go to a screen that has your item.  Click on the Check out button to go to a screen that has a place to enter your billing and shipping information.  Click on Next and you will go to the next screen there you will have a drop down menu on the Payment Method - choose Pay Pal if you have a Pay Pal account or if you want to use a credit card on line.  (Pay Pal will accept credit cards even if you do not have a Pay Pal account)  The next screen will show your order click on Finish and you will go to Pay Pal.  There is a place where you can enter your Pay Pal information and below that is a place that says Pay with a Debit or Credit Card - click this if you want to use your credit or debit card.  A new screen will open where you can enter your credit card information.

Another way to check out is to choose the check by mail / money order choice on the Payment Method Screen - Use this if you are going to send a check or money order or if you do not want to use your credit card on line. Click Next and you will see your order.  Click Finish and your order will be complete.   We can take orders over the phone but prefer that you fill out an order form on line.  We find that when you fill out your own order form on line that we make far less errors in the name and or shipping address.  Click on the Frequently asked questions tab on the left or click on the check out info link at the bottom of each product for screen shots of how the check out works.

A couple of questions keep coming up - first is the site secure?  Yes of course it is - when you go to the first check out screen you will see the http change to https - and you will see the Geo Trust logo on each secure page.  When you pay with either a credit card or Pay Pal you have gone to the Pay Pal site which adds several more layers of security.

There is a  FAQ page that has information and screen shots of the two ways to check out.    Hopefully this will answer a lot of questions.  If you have any questions or problems checking out please check the FAQ  page. You can click the FAQ link or the Frequently asked Questions menu tab on the left.

International Shipping

Do we ship internationally??  Yes we do. (buyers outside the lower 48 states will receive a request to pay for additional shipping after the order is placed - the check out will not add the additional international shipping charges)
There is a page available with information about Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and International Shipments

If you are ordering from outside the Continental United States (the lower 48 states) there will be additional shipping charges added.  You will receive a shipping invoice from Pay Pal.

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