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This is a page for customer photos and comments.  Please send in photos of your windmill or weathervane.  Also send in comments and suggestions.  I will attempt to get your comments and photos here.  Some things that I would like to know are: how did you mount your windmill?  Do you have any tips for mounting that you would like to share?  Have you come up with a unique mounting?  I also will be putting customer photos and comments on the blog site.  If you have not been to the blog site you can click here to get there.  Blog sites are sort of like a stack of papers, the most recent entries are on top or on the first page you see.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Older Entries button to see the next page which is actually older postings.


Here are a couple of photos of a 4.5 foot windmill in a customers garden. Mesquite Texas



Here is a really unique windmill mount - Bernie in Calgary just sent in these photos - he mounted a 4.5 foot windmill on the roof of his house!!! Pretty amazing. 


















from Patty in Scehectady NY:

 Well my new windmill got put up today and it is SUPER windy here today so it really got broken in! It is so windy and it is spinning so fast I had to hold the tail still so my friend could take the picture. Your product is great and I am very happy. My friend that put it together was the same person who put the "chinese" one together and he couldn't get over the the great quality of this one. Well I told you I would send a picture of me and the windmill so here it is!



Here is a great way to mount an 8 foot windmill.  This customer used round concrete forms and Kwickcrete - there is more information on this mounting in the windmill newsletter.  Just fill out the newsletter form on the first page and I will email you a copy.





Here is a customer photo of the Georgia Tech weathervane mounted on the roof of their boat house


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