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Can these Windmills Generate Electricity?

The wheel on the 8 foot windmill is 22 inches in diameter.  The wheel has bearings and turns on a solid shaft.  The only thing that turns is the wheel.  There are a number of problems in attempting to generate electricity.  First of all the wheel is far too small to run anything bigger than say a bicycle generator.  Windmills that generate electricity need to be 9 feet or more in diameter. It might be possible to place a bicycle generator on the pivot, however the top assembly - wheel, tail and pivot is balanced so it will turn easily into the wind.  Adding a very small generator would have to be placed so the balance is not affected.  The next problem is only the wheel rotates.  One would have to add a pulley or gear to the wheel to rotate a generator.  This would need to be done in a way that does not effect the balance.  The final problem is the entire head rotates - one would need to put in a way to get wires to the tower.  I think that the best that could be hoped for is to run a bicycle generator and light up a few LEDs on the tail.  I also think that getting a small bicycle generator to be turned by the wheel would be very difficult to do.  The windmills are really just decorative.  Run over to my blog site, I will be posting some comments about generating your own electricity using the wind.

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