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International Shipping Information

International Shipping - any item that is purchased from or that is being sent to anywhere outside the Continental United States (the lower 48 states)  If you live outside the lower 48 US states or if you want an item shipped outside the Continental United States please take a few minutes to read this section.

Continental United States - All items are either priced with the shipping cost included (free shipping) or will have a shipping charge added when you check out.  The total costs are for the lower 48 United States Only.  Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO and US Possessions are NOT a part of the Continental United States - there ARE additional shipping charges that will need to be paid before any item can be shipped outside the lower 48 states.

How are items shipped? - Most items are shipped UPS directly from the manufacturer.  Some of the smaller items namely the mini windmills are shipped USPS Priority Mail.  In all cases the most cost effective way to ship items is used.  When it comes to AK and HI UPS is not the most cost effective way to ship items.  Fact is UPS to both HI and AK is very expensive and so USPS is used whenever possible.

Do I ship to Canada?  I get this question all the time.  Yes I do ship most items to Canada and just about any other country as well.  (There are countries that I do not ship to - and their are countries where I will use "special" shipping to get things to - such as Express mail and Global Mail)  The main thing to know is if you live outside of the United States or Canada you must have and pay with a Pay Pal account. 

Credit Cards? I use Pay Pal check out - Pay Pal allows credit cards to be used without being a Pay Pal member - it is up to Pay Pal whether or not your credit card can be used without being a Pay Pal Member.  I do accept credit cards over the phone only for Canada and the United States and US Possessions.

Checks and Money Orders - I do accept both checks and money orders (USPS money orders are preferred) ONLY from the United States - and from Canada if the check or money order is in US Dollars.  Anywhere else it is PAY PAL ONLY!!!   I DO NOT accept international wire transfers, Western Union, international money orders or international checks, anything other than US Currency  or any other way other than Pay Pal for orders outside the United States or Canada.

How are item shipped out side the Continental United States?  For AK, HI, APO/FPO and US Possessions items are shipped USPS Priority mail.  Anywhere else items are shipped USPS Priority International Mail.  I DO NOT use First Class International - First Class International is far to often very very slow - it can take 6-8 weeks to get a package to Canada plus First Class International has no tracking at all.  I am well aware that First Class International costs a lot less that Priority International especially for Canada however because this method is often very slow and has no tracking at all I do not use this way of shipping.  First Class International is only available for items weighing 4 pounds or less.  Two other ways of shipping I do not use are Flat Rate USPS letters or envelopes and the Small Flat Rate USPS box.  Neither of these ways of shipping have reliable tracking available.  I do get requests for USPS Air Mail from time to time.  USPS Air Mail no longer exists.   The US Postal Service discontinued this way of shipping several years ago - Air Mail is now First Class International and First Class International is NOT a way I ship.

If you have a question about international shipping that is not covered here please email or phone me before you order.  The rules, regulations and costs for international shipping constantly change.

What happens when an International Order is Submitted?  When an order for AK, HI, US Possessions, Canada and all other International locations comes in I first check to make certain that the item can in fact be shipped USPS Priority International mail.  I then get the exact shipping cost.  Items with "Free Shipping" actually have a shipping cost built into the price.  I will send an invoice through Pay Pal for the additional shipping cost.  For example an item with "Free Shipping" in the Continental United States has a built in shipping charge of $20.00 and the USPS Priority International shipping cost is $50.00 you will be sent an invoice FOR THE ADDITIONAL shipping of $30.00 through Pay Pal.  Once that additional shipping charge is paid then your order will be processed and shipped.  The charts below are estimated shipping charges - you will be billed based on the actual shipping charge.  I bill only for the actual shipping charges on orders outside the Continental United States - you are welcome to check the USPS web site for shipping charges.  In the charts below I include the package size and weight.  I charge what USPS charges if you went to a US Post office and paid at the counter.  Remember that shipping is never free even though most items are listed with "free shipping"  - whatever shipping cost I have built into the price is deducted from the actual shipping cost and that is what you will be billed.

High Risk International Countries - there are a number of countries and cities that are considered to be High Risk this list is constantly changing.  If USPS Global Express or USPS Express International is available I do ship to some High Risk locations but only with USPS Global Express or USPS Express International.  Shipping this way is Expensive.  If you know that your city or country happens to be High Risk please let me know when you order.  The biggest difference between USPS Priority International and USPS Global or Priority International is how items are actually delivered.  Priority Express and Global International are hand processed and hand delivered to the person who placed the order and must be signed for.  Besides the much higher cost anything sent to a High Risk Country will also have shipping insurance added.

Ship to another address - International Orders - (to me International means outside of the United States, US Possessions and Canada) are shipped ONLY to verified Pay Pal addresses.  This means items must be shipped to the person that placed the order - they cannot be shipped to someone else, to another address, another city or another country.  The exception to this is people that use forwarding services.  If you have a Continental United States shipping address you can order from anywhere and have your item shipped to a Continental United States address - the shipping charge will be the same as if you ordered from the Continental United States.

Shipping as a "Gift" - The customs forms will show what the item is and what the value of an item is.  Requests for items to be shipped as a "gift" is a violation of US and International Law.  The only way legally that an item can be shipped anywhere as a "gift" is if it in FACT is a GIFT - and the items value is within the range allowed by the individual countries to be duty free.  A "gift" is sent from one individual to another not from a reseller to a customer.

Mini Windmills

The mini windmills ship in a 14X9X5 USPS Priority Mail box.  The shipping weight is 2 pounds. Adding the optional stand makes the shipping weight 3 pounds.  Shipping is free in the Continental United States.  The shipping charges below are estimated and intended to give you a general idea of the what the added international shipping charge will be for several regions.  For example the added shipping charge for most of Europe is the same as Germany which is listed.  I have no idea why it costs more to ship to the UK than France or Germany I only know that it does. The mini windmills ship in 1-2 days after receiving the added shipping cost.
   HI - AK
 Canada  UK  Germany  Singapore Japan  Australia
Mini Windmill
 $6.40  $31.60  $47.45  $41.30  $44.40  $44.64  $45.75
With Stand
 $43.45  $48.05  $49.80  $50.00


Aluminum Windmills

The Aluminum Windmills ship in two boxes - box 1 is the "legs" package and box 2 is the "wheel & tail" package.  The chart below show each of the Aluminum Windmill Sizes and the Sizes and weights of the two boxes. The large aluminum windmills (the 18 - 22 and 30 foot) are shipped FOB which is say they are shipped as freight on a semi truck.  Shipping large windmills outside of the Continental United States is Possible however it is very expensive. (W X H X L in inches - Wt in pounds.)

 Aluminum 4 Foot
6 Foot
8 Foot
10 Foot
12 Foot
18 Foot
 22 Foot
30 Foot
 Pkg 1 Legs
2X2X31-4  2X2X56-7 3X4X41-9  3X4X51-13  3X4X65-17   3X7X99-54 3X7X125-70 3X7X166-95
 Pkg 2 Wheel & Tail

Aluminum Windmill International - USPS Priority International additional shipping cost

   HI - AK
 $19.45  $47.90  $88.40  $73.10  $78.90  $81.80  $82.10
 6  $36.65  $56.10  $92.20  $82.40  NA  $90.20 NA
 8  $46.05  67.85  105.45  $90.15  NA $101.95 NA
 10  $54.50  $68.25  111.95  88.45 NA
 $106.95 NA
 12  $59.60  80.45 NA

Weather Vanes

There are two manufacturers that make the weathervanes.  The company that makes the black weathervanes primary business is cupolas - they have a few weathervane designs.  The company that makes the Antique Copper weathervanes has over 130 different designs and more than 30 college designs.  Neither company ships outside of the Continental United States.  If you want a weathervane shipped outside of the Lower 48 states they first will need to be shipped to me and  I will then ship them on.  It takes 6-10 days for me to receive the weathervane and then get it reshipped to AK - HI - US Possessions - Canada and other International locations.  The weathervanes weigh 6 lbs and ship in a 30X14X4 inch box. Because these are first shipped to me UPS and then are reshipped by USPS Priority and USPS Priority International it makes shipping these out side the lower 48 states costly.

 HI - AK
 Canada  UK  Germany  Singapore  Japan Australia 
 $23.95  $57.85  $69.70  $64.50  $71.10  $78.60  $80.60


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