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There are no longer any parts available for the 8 foot and the 4.5 foot galvanized steel made in the USA Garden Windmills.   The only parts that may be available are imported and I do not nor will I carry any of this poorly made stuff.   The history of the Galvanized Steel Windmills was that first there was the "classic" 8 foot garden windmill.  Made from galvanized steel, the wheel was hand balanced and had a grease fitting, the wheel turns on ball bearings.  The wheel will turn in the slightest breeze and the wheel and tail are balanced to show the wind direction.  As long as the tower is well mounted this windmill will last for years.  The manufacturer no longer makes this garden windmill which had been in production since 1971.  At present the only steel or galvanized steel garden windmills that are available are the poorly made cheap Chinese copies of this windmill.

The eight foot windmills used to be available in three powder coated models.  Sadly the manufacturer has stopped making the Red & White University of Nebraska, the Cardinal Red & Gold Iowa State University, and the Black and Gold University of Iowa windmills.  It  appears that these will not be available again in the foreseeable future.  You will see them in several of the photos on this site however they are no longer available.

The manufacturer has stopped making the 4.5 foot windmill.  There are no more available and will not become available again. 

I do carry a premium line of Aluminum Windmills that are made in the USA - these range in size from 4 foot to 22 foot


 Another very popular line of windmills that are available are the 17 inch mini windmills.  These like the garden windmills are made in the USA.  These come from a very small company that has been making these since 1946.  The mini windmills are precision made of galvanized steel.  They actually work and can be mounted outside.  There are now 15 different mini windmills available.

Plain - Aero - Texas - Stars & Stripes - Route 66 - Kansas, New Mexico and 150 year Commemorative

Plus the following windmill companies - Currie - Fairbury - Heller Aller - Kirkwood - Dempster - Wonder and Eli

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